Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I passed the fourth grade awhile back...why do I still have homework?

So here I sit at the age of forty looking at interesting facts on North Carolina so I can get a good grade on my state project. After all, I am in the academically gifted class for the fourth grade in my school...WAIT...THAT ISN'T ME!!! I do believe that I finished that grade back in...well, let's just say it was a bit ago and leave it alone. Let's rephrase. So I am HELPING my nine year old son with his research so HE can get a good grade on his project. After all, tomorrow is Accelerated Reader night and on Fri/Sat/Sun we will be having a "marriage retreat" which will be interesting since ALL the kids are going with us. HOW can he get it all done in time? Teacher says that we can HELP our children, but the work has to be his. Ya think? I love his teacher. She has taught two other of my children God help her. This child actually DOES his work and LIKES to learn. But I still feel like I am having a flashback, but am smarter this time...Perhaps it is my advanced age, but I don't remember having to do a significant project on my state. When I start reflecting on my youth, I tend to say things like, "I remember the blizzard of '79. Our house was buried up to the top of our doorway. Mom and Dad had to take the sled and walk to get milk." I don't mean to bore my children, but as soon as the "I remember" part comes out, a glazed look enters their eyes and drool starts to pool at the corner of their lips... I only want to share my life experience. Like when I rode the Mammoth to school until my parents got rich enough to buy the Conastoga Wagon all the uptown families were buying. It was handy having the Mammoth though, because we used his tusks to rub together to start fire in the family cave. I had longer hair back then was necessary since my husband needed it to drag me around by. Ahhhh the good old days. When I didn't have to do a state project and my main objective was not to be noticed by the teacher. Deep sigh..MEMOOOOORRIIIIIESSSSS, Like the WRRIIIITTTING on the WALLLLLL....I know..Don't quit my day job. Don't worry I won't. I still haven't finished the STATE PROJECT.

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