Sunday, December 20, 2009

New to the blog world

I am totally new to the world of blog and to be honest proud that I am actually blogging. My children would be proud to if and when I actually show them. Mom's have to have some things to themselves you know.

I guess the first thing I want the world to know is that I love children. I have twelve that were gifted to me by God or by adoption. Nine boys and three girls and yes I would love to have more should I ever become a rich person.

The second thing is that I am a writer and have several works out right now. Three books are out that I contributed to. The first is "Memoirs of Meaness" which is about bullying in the schools. The second is "Pets Across America-vol 2" and has pet stories. But if you read mine make sure you have a tissue. Both are available on Amazon. The third is available on Publish America website and is called "Becoming Mommy, Becoming Me." That story is one where I told why I wanted so many children. I wrote stories for those books but they are not my own exclusive books.

My first children's book comes out this January. It is called, "Furley the three toed Love Bird," and is about a bird that was born with only three toes on one foot. His story is quite cool if I say so myself and I will tell you all about it more later. I also have a romance novel that I am supposed to be finished writing by Jan1. We'll see how THAT goes!!!!

Writing has been a release for me. I write about my children of whom I have unlimitless love but at times they drive me insane. One would argue that I am insane for HAVING this many children in the first place!!!!!

I hope that I develop a following in my blog life. I hope to bring to it a part of the world that many don't see. With that tempting statement, I'll say enough for now....

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